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I focus on small budget intro websites. I want to help you establish a web presence. I design template oriented websites that can be custom built to fit your goals. I succeed when you succeed.


Elizabeth Dyer

Hi, I'm Beth

This is where I tell you all about myself. What I rather hear about is you! I currently provide Website Development for companies, businesses, musicians, and people, who want to establish a website presence. The world has recently changed and my clients are finding that they need to do a lot more on the Internet.

How does a website work? A website is a place to showcase your skills and offerings. It helps people feel more confident in what you are providing if they can see pictures, read testimonies, and feel that you are a genuine person, company, or business.

My company is named after my mother who always liked to help people. That is my goal. I want to help you. Sometimes people just need a leg-up in the world, or a helping hand in the right direction. That is what I provide.


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